Country Carnival Wrap

What a weekend. By all accounts the long weekend country carnival was a huge success for the Fremantle Phantoms. ​ The weekend kicked off on Saturday with a dedicated group of boys opting to setup camp a night earlier.

Beachy (and his sexy wrist guard), Wildy, Rocket, Jrn Bolts, Johnno, Azza & his old man Joe as well as late arrival Dmac all enjoyed an unseasonably warm June evening.

Special mention to Azza, whom appeared to have venture out on his first ever camping trip, packing a coffee machine into his Volvo and wondering where the power point was at the camp site to plug it in.

Additionally his choice of meal was a rather naff salad that he enjoyed despite the disappointment on missing out on his double espresso mochachino with soy and a twist of lemon to go with it.

DMac showed why he doesn't drink during the season, by drinking a lot and then revisiting his dinner before bed.

On game day a great contingent of 24 committed players turned up to Busselton to enjoy the fantastic weather. ​ The side performed well in their three games

The side performed well in their three games despite the early start of 10am and significant gaps between bounce downs. ​ Both the Bolts, Chris Heary, Johnno, Fish and Azza were standouts across the games.

Stimpy was tireless in his efforts but appeared to use his head to mark the ball more often than not.

Rocket showed us how to take a spectacular diving mark, then go back for a set shot and kick out on the full. Before he redeemed himself with a solo effort goal, snapping across his body to claim one of the tournaments best highlights.


And for the first time this year, Atti took a mark inside fifty then handball….to Piggy who finished off between the big sticks for one of the weekend's memorable on field moments. ​ The side was invaluably assisted by Beachy whom regardless of his "wrist" injury, packed his bags and came down to support and enjoy the pre & post festivities. ​ The match review panel will be paying plenty of attention the mountain load of images and videos taken throughout the weekend with several key fines already identified for both on and off field questionable decision making. ​ Awarding the pink ball will also be a very difficult task with several contenders including the likes of Stimpy, Dmac, Rocket & Eddie all in the running. ​ We're back to Gil for training this week as we prepare for the biggest round of the season - the home carnival at Gil


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