Could It Have Been Any Better?

Well another year and another home carnival at The Gil done and dusted. We know that we have a significant bias regarding anything to do with the Freo Phantoms, but could last Sunday have been the best carnival of 2017 so far? We think so.

The football Gods started us off with magnificent conditions ideally suited for the perfect surrounds of Gilbert Fraser.

The footy action got underway with the Seniors taking on the Makos, in probably the most important fixture of the day.

The Great Dear Leader led out his charges for the 100th time in a Phantoms' jumper, to the roar of the home crowd, smashing his way through the most magnificent banner ever produced for an AFL Masters fixture.

As humble as he was, The Dear Leader opted to note the oppositions milestone 30th season in the competition during his pre-game speech. And with continuing humility opted to play behind the ball and not touch it in the first term.

The glory of the Dear Leader aside, the Seniors boys put on a great display against their southern rivals in the opening half with solid efforts from Cappo, Piggy, VC, Milly and Boasy. While up front Spuda battled hard with a bunch of kicks direct to the opposition.

Fish again was strong up forward, his highlight of the day a big bomb from outside 50 that Eddie opted to shepard through for a point.

Call out to Nick & Smoker who opted to help out the opposition with numbers, the former also deciding to boost VC's stats kindly allowing him to run him down and then drop the ball, while Cappo the ever keen lawnmowing man robbing the goateed one of his kick with a cheaky play on.

Moving on to the Masters, Haydos debuted his hat for the first time (fine) while the like of VC (seniors), Spudda (Seniors), Lukey (Supers), Rocket (Supers), (Jnr Bolts) & Azza (Supers) backed-up to fill Wildy's & Oigs' board.

Good performances from Azza, VC, Jimmy, Wedgey kicking a bag and Malla who opted to turn up for the second half.

A good all-round performance was marred by a shocking incident, with Big Bolts being the victim of a random shooting. The big unit hit the ground with all the grace of a side of beef hitting the titles of the killing room floor as he was struck down from the random shot, likely coming from a highly trained team of navy divers in inflatable rigs on the river. The authorities are still searching to the culprits.

With two solid performances from the Seniors and the Masters, the Supers side took to the park with some of their best football for the year in the opening half.

But not one to go against tradition, the inevitable second half slump eventuated.

The game however was a great spectacle to watch. The Jet had his afterburners on for most of the day carving it up across the wing – just ask him – including several big grabs in front of the lubed up supporters. He was aided an abetted by the rock solid work of Boaty who owned the backline rebounding from the fifty delivering The Jet some cheap stats on a silver platter.

The Stimp was everywhere, but still managed to be nowhere, both at the same time. The domination of SAS Millsy up forward was a delight to watch as he let his opponents smell his underarms continually throughout the day. While across the forward arch JC had a stand out performance.

Chriso, Jrn Bolts, Azza & Lukey all did well, the latter's highlight an opportunistic How's Ya Mum hit three seconds after coming off the bench.

Call out to Mark, playing only his third game, put in some highlights that will surely make the season reel.

The club coffers were also boosted by Azza who'll be buying a carton after he asked his opponent to smell is hand, worried about the sink garlic chicken he had the night before coming through.

It was an outstanding day, with many hands chipping in to make it what it was. Special call out to:

- Oigs & Ange who stocked & managed the canteen to keep everyone fed

- TMac, AJ & Beachy who let the fluid flow all day

- And Atti for again being the Great Dear Leader who put the whole thing together while managing to play his 100th, and sacrificing his afternoon to run around in the yellow.

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