Old Boys Show The Way

What could be better than spending a cold and wet Sunday afternoon down in Warnbro?

Well quite a lot it turns out.

Round seven done and dusted for another year, this season the fixture being hosted in not so sunny Warnbro.

And just like the suburb, the Phantoms results for the day were mixed.

Beginning once again with another notable performance for the day and club, the veteran heads of our seniors side did their colours proud with great non-victory over their Northern Warriors opponents, setting a high bar for the rest of the club to progressively fall from as the day continued.

In what was described as a season defining BOG, Josy's performance at full forward was a standout booting three majors. Not content with just splitting the middle, the athletic big man opted to make the centre his own claiming the ruck contest with a Warrior pasting performance.

Cappo was on fire through the middle getting more touches than Gero on a Wednesday night, while it's worth noting the latter made his first return to the park since recovering from a significant knee injury.

The first father-son Phantom getting through the game unscathed. Although given he spent most time within the confines of the square with his only touch being a kick return to the umpire, his “successful return” has been pended for at least another round.

The Prez also gets a mention, the mercurial power forward trying to be a little too fancy with a shot for goal over his shoulder, missing the mark by at least 5 feet, from within the square.

While the Senior's Tom Swift nomination will likely go to Money Bags Tim Tmac McNamara, who in proceeding to come from the field, decided to show the bench the contents of his breakfast.

Enter the Masters stallions.

With limited numbers showing up to play, with most likely at home on the couch cuddled up with blanky and hot chocolate (although Burkey did show…), both the Masters & Supers were somewhat a mixture of the same bunch.

The Western Whalers opposition clearly didn't get the memo and not only opted to play full strength sides but ask some serious questions of the Masters boys that needed some serious answers.

In a frustrating game, the Masters' best play and likely Tom Swift nomination will go to the same player for the same reason.

After copping a significant scraging throughout the fixture, the Phantoms' favourite potato gave the club a good preview into the coming Mayweather v McGregor outing. Wedgy opting to respond to a “How's ya mother” question from his Whalers opponent with a “What did my five fingers say to your face” response.

Our big unit earning himself and the club a dark pinky, the preceding “putting him on his arse” display a note worthy club highlight/lowlight to add to an already memorable season.

Moorey, Jimmy, Johnno, Bolts Jrn, Parsty, Chainsaw and H were all solid throughout the game, that ended prematurely after the men in fluro yellow decided to call an early end what was a rather frustrating contest for the Phantoms boys.

Oh and Azza got a Yellow.

With that, pretty much the same side fronted for the club's final fixture in the Supers, also against the Whalers.

Bolt's Jnr, Bretto, Boaty, Johnno, were standouts through the spine while the ever reliant Mr Austin literally just pushed blokes out the way.

Azza put in another three quarters of memorable football, while JC returned to the park after a long layoff with busted ribs.

Chriso learnt the ball still isn't as fast as his feet, after finding the wet turf really wasn't the best to practice his bouncing on. But ever the showreel filler, managing to turn a clanger into a highlight with a well timed kick off the turf finding the face of his Whalers opponent.

After a tough match against a side that looked to have just be relegated from the Amos A Grade, the Phantoms Supers ended the game only troubling the non-existent scorers just once….with a rushed behind.

Still, a great effort for all those who donned the jumper from Seniors through to Supers on a miserable and wet day in a place we'd all rather drive through that end up in.

Disclaimer: The Fremantle Phantoms AFL Masters Football Club does not condone aggressive behaviour on the pitch. Unless all players shake hands after the game, share a laugh and beer. And it was funny.

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