And So It Begins

It's been a tough season all round, on and off the grass, a challenging year for the mighty Phantoms, but yet another chapter added to the strong character and history of our great club.

We may have one round left to play, but this week we begin a long list of season celebrations to cement our bond further, remember the great moments of 2017, the forgetful episodes and pay homage to great mates who have passed on.

It begins this Sunday at the Phantoms' second home in 2017 - The Leopold Hotel - as all club members and friends converge on the Leo to witness history on two fronts.

The last ever AFL match to be played at Subiaco Oval - West Coast hosting Adelaide in what will likely be a flogging deserved of their schizophrenic year - but not before being part of the greatest bastardisation in the history of boxing.

Of course we speak of Floyd v Conor. A match so loaded with hype that would challenge Ben Cousins for the front page of the West, but similarly likely to end in mental regret for having brought a ticket on the bandwagon so eagerly at the beginning.

McGregor brings all the hype, all the bluster and all the jig of his River Dance Irish roots.

Wayweather bring his fists, that are likely to knock Conor on his arse inside the first two rounds.

Yes, yes, we ooze pessimism, but that's not to say we all don't look forward to what will likely be the greatest embarrassment in the history of boxing with this writer looking forward to either of them losing - badly.

So it will be a great comedy act that should not be missed. The most hyped fight in history. With all your mates in tow, and a fairwell to Subiaco on the telly to follow.

Everyone is encouraged to get to the Leo at 9am to claim our turf and make the day our own.

Oh, and wear your big boy pants and deck your self in your Phantoms' merch, you'll need them - it will be a long and entertaining day.

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