Legend Gets Honoured

There's something unique about a masters carnival at Ellenbrook.

It could be that we always seemed scheduled in the early fixtures.

Or that it you need to pack a week's worth of underwear and your passport to get there.

Or the fact that there doesn't appear to be any discernible reason to travel to Ellenbrook other than to play footy.

But in round two, we had some pretty significant reasons to head north, 250 of them to be exact.

The undisputed Fremantle Phantoms' best bloke, Phil “Gero” Gerovich was scheduled to play his 250th match for the club, so there was not better reason to turn out in great numbers to support our mate and our club in the middle of where.

That said, we decided to add a few more, including a bus, several cases of amber fluid, numerous sing-a-longs and general 5 star shenanigans

The round two Ellenbrook trek will go down as not only a 2018 highlights, but one that will live on in Phantoms' folk lore for some time.

Check out all the game day pics

The day started early with a keen bunch of 20 odd players who opted to catch the team bus from Gil Fraser to the land that everyone forgot, thanks to the transport logistical skill of Eddie Koza (more to come) for arranging said bus and recruiting the best driver we could have hoped for.

While the footy wasn't the best on the day, we sure made up for what we lacked on the field by continuing the festivities on the way home, ironically in the same style as we begun which may or may not have led to the questionable performances on field.

Several stops on the way back to Fremantle, an Oigs inspired cameo from a tequila bottle, the loss of Wildy's trousers and probably the worst ever case of direction from our transport captain that literally led us up a garden path (and into what looked to be the latest meeting of the Eastern Hills Rotary Club), we got back to the National Hotel where many a beverage was consumed in celebration of 250 of the best the club has and may ever will see.

Congrats Gero, and well done on playing (officially) 250, and being such a top bloke.

Looking forward to the 300th.

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