Round One

Big congrats to all those who pulled on the jumper for the first time last Sunday.

​Specifically those who joined the Supers ranks, with a cast of new Phantoms giving the club a new and youthful boost that has made our future a bright one.

​Well done to Irish, Woodsy, Hoppo, Rosco, Dono, Pulgga, Pedro & Dan the Man for your first game in purple.

​Irish taking out the play of the day, with a gubber kick inside 50 finding its way between the big sticks for his first goal as a Phantom, while ironically being his best kick so far of his fledgling career.

​Also congrats to our favourite old boy Greo who officially took the reins as senior's coach.

There were also some honourable mentions for some who, regardless of not being available to play, still put on the club colours, packed a lunch and their passport, and headed to Ellenbrook where all good things go to die.

Club coach Wildy, who joining us on the bus trip, and ran water all day. Oigs, who did his best to claim "Best On Bus", helping the Jet with the board, collecting the jumpers and ensuring all things Supers were under control.

Marky Mark and Steve Huts Hutton were surprise spectators, despite carrying injuries, they jumped in the car with the purple shirt to come and support their team.

Big thanks must also go to all those who jumped on the bus. Prez, Cribby, Oigs, Pastey, Wildy, Bushe, Rocket, Greo, LT, Wylie, Jimmy, Plugga, Rooney, Dan, Wilko, New Macca, Dmac and Ed for arranging the bus.

Now we look forward to Round 2 at Rocko, see you at Gil and make sure you book for Bogan Bingo on May 10.

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